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Tell Me Something Good…

I was having a bad day. A bad week. Sometimes we need help to turn it all around. After a few days of being really sick and receiving rejections for employment, I decided to post a FaceBook request for something good and I received lots of wonderful help from my friends. I have decided to collate them together for anyone needing a boost. I will add to this post as I stumble upon more beautiful and inspiring things …

On 31/1/2014 I learned that my friend KC was coming home from the hospital

JH's beloved dog is tumour-free

JH’s beloved dog is tumour-free

GS: ” I rode my bike to work. I love my bike. My bike makes me smile when sometimes nothing else can. I’m smiling”

MS-W: “despite all the stress of wedding planning, I know I’m going to get to marry someone I love who loves me back. love is pretty amazing. Also, you are courageous and inspiring”

DG: “Purple monkey dishwasher”

VS: ” I woke up this morning in the arms of someone who loves me dearly. I went to work and my boss was there after 3 weeks of being in the hospital by his wife’s side. He nearly lost her a few times and today she went home and my boss was back at work and we laughed all day. Positive day. Miss Vandellous, my positive to you is LOVE. You are beautiful to the core.”

BB: “the world has it’s fair share of good people”

BC: “I am POSITIVE that you are a dedicated,caring, wonderful and creative human being! Secondly, I made another big creative step forward with videos I’m working on for my group DUM VIVA DISCO. Still got a way to go but am heading in the right direction!”

PN: whenever I get off centre I find this guy truly inspiring:

“if your heart still ain’t singing be absolutely inspired by this woman and her talk on how to really listen to music.”

ZF: “Rats cuddling miniature teddies”

NP: “The courier mail hates the Newman government”

BC is leading the FB revolution to make our feeds more beautiful. He challenged me to share the artist Aleah Chapin – an oil painter based in New York, she beat out 2,100 entries to win the London National Portrait Gallery’s 2012 BP Portrait Award. She is best known for her “aunties”, vibrant badass depictions of nude women. A technically proficient artist, her subjects’ poses are vibrant expressions celebrating life, whilst their bodies invite us to consider their individual histories and experiences. My favourite image is Hannah – a woman with her arms raised above her head, her breasts exposed, her grey hair dancing in the wind – a truly magical image! Thanks for getting me to learn about this incredible artist, BC!


Tempest by Aleah Chapin

Tempest by Aleah Chapin


Momo by Aleah Chapin

Momo by Aleah Chapin

Hannah by Aleah Chapin

Hannah by Aleah Chapin
Laugh by Aleah Chapin

Laugh by Aleah Chapin


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