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If Not Ethics, Can We Talk Economics?

Australia  is broke (especially Queensland).

Australia is broke, while Wales and England choose to send “a powerful message” about equality;

“The introduction of same-sex civil marriage says something about the sort of country we are.
“It says we are a country that will continue to honour its proud traditions of respect, tolerance and equal worth. It also sends a powerful message to young people growing up who are uncertain about their sexuality.
“It clearly says ‘you are equal’ whether straight or gay. That is so important in trying to create an environment images-9where people are no longer bullied because of their sexuality – and where they can realise their potential, whether as a great mathematician like Alan Turing, a star of stage and screen like Sir Ian McKellen or a wonderful journalist and presenter like Clare Balding.”

Australia is broke, and I am not just referring to the economy. Marriage equality advocates herald Abboott’s agreement to allow same-sex couples with British citizenship to marry at UK consulates in Australia as progress. After the public’s reaction to the schooling Abbott received by these Year 9s, where even he got “a clear message”. It is the least he could do given the current social environment.

To approach Liberals on the subject of same-sex marriage rights with arguments about ethics or what befits a civil society, is rather like me extolling the virtues of my new computer operating system to a handful of kale I purchased at the Farmer’s Market. Abbott cuts legal support to our asylum seeking prisoners, but he re-introduces knighthoods. Abbott denies climate change and defends bigots. Abbtt truly deserves our scorn, and Australia continues in its race to the bottom.

And while I dwell on the topic of bottoms, I share Dan Savage’s opinion that homophobia is really male butt-sex (sodomy) phobia so, a) if you do not like thinking about it, stop trying to picture it, and b) lots of heterosexual couples enjoy anal sex and sometimes it is the man getting it in the bum. It’s called pegging. I could comment tangentially how Winnipeg is called “The Peg”, and the people of Winnipeg are called “Peggers”, but I will exercise restraint.

To swiftly build Liberal support for same-sex marriage is the argue the power of the dollar, the Pink Dollar.

The “pink dollar” would create an influx of money back into the economy. Consider bucks/hens nights, bridal showers, reception venues, “alt”and traditional fancy dress stores,  lingerie shops, sex stores, stores with wedding registries, hotels, and honeymoon destinations. Consider the Entertainers, Bands, DJs, Caterers, Justices of the Peace (and others),  Event Planners, Decorators, Flower Arrangers, Cake Specialists, Beauticians, and yes, pre-nup and divorce Lawyers.

Not to mention the “long-term” purchases that couples are more likely to make when they feel secure and stable – mortgages, loans, houses, cars, weekend residences/timeshares, boats…and what about the further expenses if we embrace sex-sex adoption?

As Australia continues to fight it, couples will choose to go elsewhere to marry (and may choose to remain elsewhere permanently in order to have their union recognised and to enjoy the legal benefits that are the natural result of that recognition).

We will lose out in many respects, not least of all because of our reputation as the “developed” nation that fiercely demands to be bigoted and backwards.

We can look to Arizona to see the times are a-changin’. When conservative politicians and businesses pushed for the veto of a bill that would allow businesses to legally refuse to serve LGBT people, it is unsurprising that the issue at hand was about potential financial losses. The CEOs of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Greater Phoenix Leadership and the Southern Arizona Leadership Council released a statement that should Governor Jan Brewer approve SB 1062, it would “send a message that our state is anything but an open and attractive place for visitors and the top talent that will be the cornerstone of our continued economic growth”.

Kristin Jarnagin, vice president of the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association, said just the fact that the Legislature approved the measure has resulted in canceled trips. “We literally begged lawmakers to consider the unintended consequences not only on our tourism industry but on our ability to attract new businesses and jobs to our state”.

In an open letter, internationally recognised actor, pop-culture icon, and Facebook celebrity, George Takei announced that he would proudly lead a national boycott if Brewer did not veto the bill:

“If your Governor Jan Brewer signs this repugnant bill into law, make no mistake. We will not come. We will not spend. And we will urge everyone we know–from large corporations to small families on vacation–to boycott. Because you don’t deserve our dollars. Not one red cent”.

Whichever voice she heard, Governor Brewer listened to the message and vetoed the bill, because politicians understand money and votes.

Money motivates, and the economy can be an indicator of the well-being of a population. We use fines, taxes, and economic sanctions to control behaviour.

Joking aside:

  • accepting same-sex couples can have immediate benefits to the economy
  • accepting same-sex couples makes living here attractive to younger generations
  • accepting same-sex couples invites entrepreneurs and investors
  • accepting same-sex couples creates a stronger society
  • accepting same-sex couples creates a more unified Australian identity


And, while it is not a magic solution, it can help to begin some deeper healing

  • accepting same-sex couples will allow taboo topics such as sexual identity,  depression, health issues, and abuse to come to the fore
  • accepting same-sex couples can improve mental and physical health outcomes for many Australians, regardless of their seal orientation
  • accepting same-sex couples can allow us to become conscious of addressing the inequalities that exist in the LGBTI “community”, and evolve a wider understanding of the diversity and nuance that exists in our sexuality and gender.


The acceptance of same-sex couples, and diversity of gender is what befits a “developed” country, one based on democracy and Christian values, the man who spoke out against divorce, but not homosexuality.




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Tired is getting home from work, later than intended because you somehow ended up getting turned around on the highway and very nearly drove yourself back to work, and finally getting into your pyjamas but realising you forgot important stuff in your car even though you had reminded yourself whilst driving home not to forget the important stuff in your car, which may or may not have been why you nearly ended up accidentally driving back to work, then deciding to kill two birds with one stone by taking important stuff down to your car when grabbing the important stuff from your car, but realising when you get to the car that you forgot that bag of important stuff that was also supposed to go down to your car, then going upstairs and realising you forgot the important stuff in your car that you went down for in the first place, so you grab the bag of important stuff needing to go into your car and slap your mismatched thongs on again because you couldn’t find a matching pair to begin with, take the bag of important stuff and flip-flop in your pyjamas and mismatched thongs down to the car, only to realise the important stuff you had to get from the car was not in your car in the first place so you turn around and flip-flop back to your apartment and realise you still have the bag of important stuff needing to go into your car on your shoulder.



Ever Been This Tired?

Ever Been This Tired?

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How do I do this “adult thing”….

When I look back at my childhood, I shudder.

Being a parent requires such a great capacity for love, for patience, and for forgiveness, and once you have the skills to handle one set of emergencies, the situation changes.

Being a parent of a young child means blood, bruises, and bandaids.

High School brings its own challenges; hormones, heart-breaks, and teenage rebellions.

Then I transitioned into my twenties.

169_8062231791_8684_nAt each step, the questions have become increasingly complicated, but what has astounded me is how well my parents have stepped up to each new crisis. Career dilemmas, debilitating depression, crushing anxiety and fear. My mother’s father passed way when she was in her teens. My maternal grandmother died when my mother was in her mid-thirties. My father lost his father when I was  baby. Whilst coping with their own difficulties, my parents are still supporting me through mine. And they get better at it each time.

My Mum gets the last word:

Remember, you are the girl on the large grey horse soaring over those 3’6 jumps without fear. Life is full of those same sorts of obstacles and you have the skills and fortitude to soar over those jumps.

Each jump has its unique challenge – you need to keep your eye on the direction in which you want to go and the patience to find the way over each jump as it comes towards you. What a powerful image I have of you powering towards the jump and flying over it and moving on towards the next and the next.

Totem Photographics

Totem Photographics

You didn’t always get around the course without a jump coming down, but you always had the determination to try it all again.

Don’t settle for shame, don’t settle for fear. I heard it on a Dick Francis audiobook of all things; the observation that it is much more difficult to be a good person than to give in

Close your eyes – see the image and feel the exhilaration of flying over the jumps of life on the back of your trusty steed.

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