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For Be

Your words are of the sea,10930908_10152535683701196_8310152578804721516_n

salted and shimmering

in twilight.

We arise,

strait-jacketed and dire.

We stand on urgent shores,

lean into the wind.

We hold our voices in our hands,

as substitutes for touching.

The moon is fair tonight, the tide full.

Let us meet then between wakefulness and dreams

to mark the passage of time with appropriate proximity.

We harden our wills,861301_10151564811071196_988063120_o

but not our hearts.

You sound as oceans in my ears:

I hold you close and

we are waves.


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I’d invite you over for dinner, but I’m only eating dessert.4440b862d03c4e69204ef312871c4adc

I’ll start by undressing you
inch by inch
to tease myself

to draw this moment out just a little longer

before I break and devour you


I want all of your body in contact with mine

but not until I commit to memory

the sound of your moan.

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