Hire Vandellous


With over seven years of modeling experience and over 20 years of experience in performance and public speaking, Vandellous offers a wealth of ideas, creativity, and skills allowing her to engage in an array of engaging and rewarding creative collaborations.

Vandellous holds a BFA in Theatre: Physical Performance with a focus on playwriting, directing, and dramaturgy, and Associate degrees with Trinity College of London and the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Please direct enquiries to frankievandellous@gmail.com for a quote.


Image by JnS Photographics

Latest projects include:

  • Teaching public speaking and presentation skills
  • Performing at private events and public burlesque shows
  • Modelling for photographers, visual artists, and workshops
  • Writing theatre reviews and editorials
  • Writing artist and performer biographies
  • Assisting in the organisation of fundraising events
  • Emceeing burlesque shows and art exhibitions
  • Booking Performers for community events
  • Choreographing and organising flash mobs and creative demonstrations
  • Collaborating with creatives from various disciplines
  • Supporting developing artists with dramaturgy, mentorship, networking

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